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Supply & Apply Marble, Granite, Stone.

We know you put your heart and soul into constructing a Villa, building. Whether for the sake of residence or commercial, creating a structure takes a lot of planning and hard work. Many people believe that since it is a Marble, Stone, it will not require any touch-ups or polishing.

C.N.C (Computer Numerical Control)

Al Hadeer Stone & Marble provides CNC Services with passion for precision engineering. We have invested in brand new CNC machines and in the latest Computer Aided Designing Equipment. This, combined with a teamwork approach helps us meet and exceed customer expectations and has positioned.

3D Designing

Al Hadeer focuses on providing the superior service of 3D Designing. The overall Exterior Interiors of a space can set an atmosphere, a mood, or give people an impression of their persona about their lifestyle. Throughout the process we keep a sharp, detailed, and precise quality check at sites.

Core Values

  • Service
  • Trust
  • Relationship
  • Integrity

Our aims to provide customers with high quality stone products  that suit customers need by employing the latest production technologies.we are the  architect of responsive,fast cost effective and creative to our client benefit and need.Our philosophy is all about transferring imagination onto reality through artistic stone items.our team combine the technical excellence with superior understanding of client need.

Through relationships with the best quarries around the globe, Al Hadeer Plaster & Tiles has acquired the ability to source premium materials. Al Hadeer Plaster & Tiles found its niche in the competitive Middle East market by proving time and again to its faithful clients that its product was and continues to be superior because of the right sourcing and pricing.

Our objective is to serve the highest quality of natural and unique Granites, Marbles, Sandstone, Slates, Lime stones, Granite Cobbles, Pebbles and other stone products to the construction industry for use in decorative finishing operations.With access to a system of organizations, specialists, craftsmans and cutting edge hardware working far and wide on fashion and little activities, and with connections to probably the most solid quarries on the planet, we can convey essentially any item to its particulars with the largest amount of value control.


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